ISLTube Sheet Diagram (TSD16)

Analysis and Reporting Software for Eddy Current Survey Results

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Partial map of H/E showing Legend Tags in each tube.

Partial map of H/E showing Legend Tags (tube classifications) within each tube.

  • Save dozens of hours reporting time on every heat exchanger.
  • Create professional quality, high-resolution colour reports in just minutes.
  • Supply clients with instant tube-lists, plugging-lists, and reverse diagrams.
  • Present final reports on-site using a laptop computer and printer.
  • Draw up to 40,000 tubes in a 200 x 200 matrix.
  • Use mouse or keypad to enter tube classifications easily and quickly.
  • Import and analyse tube data from (selected) automated systems at up to 500 tubes/sec.
  • Unique Report Generator.
  • Redraw @ 40,000 tubes/sec, Windows NT4, Pentium II, 266MHz
  • Redraw @ 15,000 tubes/sec, Windows 95, Pentium, 100MHz
  • Redraw @ 3,000 tubes/sec, Windows 3.11, 486/33MHz.
  • Import at around 300 to 500 tubes/sec from floppy disk (from selected systems).
  • User definition of category titles, shapes, and colours.
  • Templates layouts in three matrix styles: rows, columns, or grid.
  • Numbering conventions in any direction: up, down, left, right, using numeric or alpha characters.
  • Select straight tubes, or U-Tubes (with automatic layout validation)
Unique ISL Report Generator...
  • User layout of report including graphics, text frames, table and chart.
  • Resize graphics, text, colours, shading, borders.
  • Automatic text entries for date, time, filename.
  • Print text-only pages for Report Titles and comments.

Demo and Editorial...
Downloads are published as self-expanding executable files. We suggest that users first create a directory called c:\isl (if it doesn't already exist) to receive the compressed files... alternatively the files can can be saved directly to a floppy disk. Run the downloaded file for decompression into the default sub-directory.

System Requirements...

Computer: 1GHz or faster
Configuration: Laptop, portable, or desktop.
Memory: 1GB RAM, more if possible, especially for large diagrams.
Disk Space: About 100Mb
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7
Protection: Software is protected against unauthorised using a Safenet security key (dongle).
Printers: Any Windows printer colour/mono, inkjet, laser.

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