Second Generation Corrosion Mapping for ANY Tank Floor Scanner

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FloorMaster32 showing appurtenances.

Second Generation Tank Floor Mapping...

FloorMaster32 is the second generation of tank floor mapping software, adding a new dimension of reality to tank floor layouts.

Users can create not only the plate layout, but also add the features that make orientation and location much easier. Add stairways, drains, inlet and outlet pipes, compass points, manways, roof supports, and more.

Use FloorMaster32 with any tank inspection method to record defects in the tank floors, and roofs. Coming later, the ability add ultrasonic prove-up measurements to complete the picture!

FloorMaster32's 32-bit implementation guarantees the fastest performance available.


Appurtenance Drawing Facility 
  • Draw tank appurtenances at any angular position,
  • Add Stairways, Drains, Manway's, etc.,
  • Use built-in library of appurtenances,
  • Create user-defined styles,
  • Label each appurtenance with relevant text,
  • User-definition of size, colour, radial and angular positions.
FloorMaster32 Graphic Software...
  • Display windows for Floor, Plate, and Track simultaneously,
  • Map corrosion at 250mm (10" ) and 15mm (") resolution,
  • Unique methodology allows users to draw realistic floor-plate layouts,
  • Plate dimensions up to 3m x 30m (~10ft x 100ft), horizontal and vertical,
  • Tank diameters up to 120m (~390ft),
  • Automatic plate numbering,
  • Metric or Imperial measurements as standard,
  • Select any plate, and immediately re-generate its defect map,
  • Automatic detection of plate orientation and scanner direction (*.dax files),
  • Optional interlocks prevent inadvertent changes to automated scanner data.
  • Revised User Manual and new On-Line Help
  • UT prove-up measurement display
  • Manual plate numbering
Unique ISL Report Generator..
  • Enhanced user-controls, including toolbar,
  • User layout of report including graphics, text frames, table and chart,
  • Resize graphics, text, colours, shading, borders,
  • Automatic text entries for date, time, filename,
  • Print Floor, Plate, Track windows with relevant text,
  • Print text-only pages for Report Titles and comments.
  • Feature FloorMaster32
    Conceived by Inspection Software Ltd Yes
    Coded by Inspection Software Ltd Yes
    High Resolution Mapping Yes
    Draw Floormap Files (Silver Wing) Yes
    Map defects at Tank, Plate and Track Level Yes
    Technical Support Yes
    Scanners Manual data entry from any scanner.
    Appurtenances Library (Manways, Stairs, etc.) Yes
    User-Defined Appurtenances Yes
    Enhanced Report Generator Yes
    Revised User Manual Yes
    On-Line Help Yes
    Import ASCII Text Files Yes
    Import Excel Files Yes
    Import/Export Microsoft Access Database Files Yes
    Database Support Yes
    Export Defect Lists Yes
    Display UT Prove-up measurements Yes
    Auto and Manual Data Entry Yes
    System Requirements...
    FloorMaster32 Computer: Pentium 1Ghz, or faster.
    Configuration: Laptop, portable, or desktop.
    Memory: 1GB RAM more if possible
    Disk Space: At least 100 MB free.
    Operating System: Window XP, Vista, Win7
    Protection: Software is protected against unauthorised use by a USB or parallel security key (dongle).
    Printers: Any Windows printer, colour/mono, inkjet, laser.

    For further details about FloorMaster32 call...
    Inspection Software Limited
    Swansea, SA3 5EE, UK.
    Phone: +44 (0)1792 404235
    Fax: +44 (0)1792 402717

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