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This is a brief list of contacts and links to other sites which are relevant to our business or products. We offer these links in good faith, but we take no responsibility for their permanence or their content. If you know of other links that may be useful, or you wish your own site to be reciprocally included, then we would be pleased to add them.

Associated Links:
FORCE Technology, Denmark P-scan Automated UT system & scanners
ETher NDE, UK. Eddy Current Probes and Equipment
MAC, USA EC, UT & Magnetic Flux Leakage Systems
MFE Inc., USA. Magnetic Flux Leakage Equipment
NDTnet, Germany. NDT issues, newsgroup, product fair, etc, USA. NDT issues, vendors, equipment, links, etc
Russell NDE Systems Inc, Canada NDT, EC & RFT Systems
Institutions and Authorities:    
British Institute of NDT, UK. British Institute of NDT
ASNT, USA. American Society of Non-destructive Testing
City and Council of Swansea Official local amenities and services
Software Protection Keys:    
Safenet Inc.
Software Protection Keys

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