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We offer several services to industry in addition to our product offerings elsewhere on this site. Naturally our primary service is in the development of software for industry, but we also offer support services for our own software, and independent consultancy in the NDT field, particularly automated ultrasonic systems.

Bespoke Software Development...
We have developed projects from the smallest Excel spread-sheets, to large integrated suites including extensive database and image handling. We can write code to match pre-existing software specifications, or can work alongside our clients to develop the specification together.  We write exclusively for Windows. Our core development language is Visual Basic 6, supported by National Instruments data acquisition devices, and by Microsoft Access databases when necessary.  Clients usually receive fully documented source-code within their contract fee.  Can we develop a project for you?

NDT Consultancy...
The Doug Breeze, MD Inspection Software, has more than 5 decades continuous in industrial NDE at senior levels. We have considerable experience of automated ultrasonic inspection systems, including the Force Technology P-Scan automated UT system. Doug was responsible for planning, commissioning, installation and operation of a nuclear inspection system for Pre-Service Inspection (PSI) and In-Service Inspection (ISI) at the at Petten Nuclear Test Reactor in Holland, and for the PSI inspection contract for two nuclear power plant at Koeberg, South Africa.

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