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This page allows users to download the latest version of Tube Sheet Diagram. The upgrade is available free of charge to registered users of our software. To access the upgrade file you'll need a User Name and a Password, both of which will be issued to registered clients on request. Passwords will be time-limited for additional security, but users will be notified of the expiry date at the time of issue.

Click here to Request a Password...
Please include the following details in your e-mail request...
  • Your Name
  • Company Name and Location
  • Product Name
  • Product Version Number (see the 'About' window of the product)
  • Product Serial Number (see the original distribution disk, or dongle)
Changes to v 1.45 & 1.46: 
TSD 1.45 & 1.46 include the following changes...
  • Fixed an obscure bug in MS compiler whereby polygon shapes sometimes weren't printed (v1.46)  
  • Tube-lists for U-Tube exchangers now possess their 'Segment Prefix' and U-tube row-numbers
  • On-screen tube-list is now unlimited (and much faster)
  • Functionality of the |Categories|Legend| command extended to ultra-high screen resolutions (e.g. 1600 x 1024)
  • Up to 30 tube-categories can be displayed in the Legend (varies according to screen resolution).
  • Fixed problem in displaying Statistics table, and eliminated  'File not found' message.


Download files...

Download TSD v1.46, (~tsd146.exe, ~1.8Mb)...

This is a self-extracting compressed file which will decompress into the two files needed for installation of the upgrade. We recommend that the file is downloaded into a previously created directory, c:\isl

After downloading, run the file... it will decompress into c:\isl\tsd146\setup.exe, and ...\setup.w02.

It is not necessary to copy these two files to floppy disk, but if backups are required then they should be copied (and labelled) as follows...
***TSD1.46 - Disk1: setup.exe
***TSD1.46 - Disk2: setup.w02

Alternatively both files (setup.exe, and setup.w02) can be burned a CD-R or CD-RW.

After the installation files have been successfully extracted, the temporary file ~tsd146.exe may be deleted.

Installing TSD1.46...

Note: Users should generally backup all their existing TSD data-files before starting installation, especially if upgrading from v1.19 or earlier, since later versions use a different directory structure. Once installed, the original datafiles can be copied back into the appropriate new sub-directories. Alternatively users can install into a new directory, e.g. 'c:\tsd146', then copy the old files into the new structure when comfortable with the new installation.

This version allows users to 'Upgrade' rather than 'Re-install' if a previous version of TSD is detected. The 'Upgrade' option will copy only system files, preserving definitions in existing configuration and/or default settings. The 'Re-install' option will overwrite all files.

  • Installing from Hard Drive..
    ***Run c:\isl\tsd146\setup.exe, then follow instructions.
  • Installing from Floppies or CD...
    ***Insert Disk 1 into a drive and run setup.exe, then follow instructions.

Installing Drivers...
We suggest that users also load the latest Portable Sentinel Drivers for the hardware key (if they are have not been already installed). If new drivers are installed, then Windows must be re-started.

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